Sierra College & Hwy 80 park and ride  -  7:30 AM  (further from Sacramento and closer to resorts)
Hazel & Hwy 50 parking lot                      -  7:15 AM
Plan to arrive
15 minutes before Departure Time to allow for loading, etc.

The recommended contribution to carpool drivers is:  1 rider - $25.  2 riders - $20 each.  3 or more riders - $15 each.

Please use the Facebook to show your intent of going skiing.  If you do not subscribe to Facebook, please call carpool coordinator.  Please call early and
do not call after 9 pm, and do not call in the morning if, during the night, you change your mind and decide to not ski.  The purpose is to:  (1) Let other
club members know they have fellow skiers for the day.  (2)  To know that carpooling is available.  If you are not leaving from the carpool meeting place or
have already formed a carpool, you should still call the coordinator.  Radios are essential to on the mountain communications...bring your radio!

Ann L. coordinates the 7:15 AM departure carpool.

Highway 80 meeting location for North Shore resorts:  Hwy 80 at Sierra College Boulevard;  From eastbound 80 take the Sierra College Blvd
exit.  At the light turn left onto Sierra College Blvd going north across the freeway and turn left at the light (Commons Dr).  After turning onto Commons Dr,
instead of turning right into Panera Bread, continue on and make a u-turn as soon as possible, then immediately turn right into the Park & Ride.   

Highway 50 meeting location for South Shore resorts: In Rancho Cordova, Nimbus Winery (Hwy 50 at Hazel Ave.)  At Hazel,o south to Folsom Blvd,
then turn left, and left again into the Nimbus Winery parking lot.  Park nearest the freeway away from the businesses.  On your return trip, you can exit 50
at Folsom Blvd. (a mile before Hazel) and go west past the Auto Mall and proceed into the Nimbus Winery parking lot on the right.


No local ski days scheduled

Before you go, check the snow report and webcams for your destination.
Check the weather at
NOAA and road conditions at Caltrans.

NORTH SHORE SKI TRIP - January 22-24, 2019
UTAH SKI TRIP  -  February 3 - 9, 2019
SNOWMASS SKI TRIP - February 24 - March 2, 2019
MAMMOTH SKI TRIP - March 10 - 14, 2019
SOUTH SHORE SKI TRIP - March 19-21, 2019


The ski club leadership schedules activities for the purpose of encouraging members to ski or participate in a variety of other events
together.  These activities will be planned with input from the general membership.  It is anticipated that members will help support these
events.  If problems to the schedule are noted, individuals should make early and prior recommendations to the scheduler.  

Members should refrain from:
l.  Announcing an event or ski location at a 49er meeting or other means of
communication that conflict with a previously scheduled event.
2.  Recruiting members at a scheduled meeting place to ski or go to an alternate location.
3.  Scheduling (or inviting all members) to any ski trip that is close in date to a
regularly scheduled ski trip, thus possibly causing members to choose only one of the activities, even if it is possible to participate in


Members may use this forum to sell, trade or barter equipment related to 49er sports activities, to report activities of general interest to
the club, especially snow conditions, intentions to ski, and to arrange rides.

* Facebook is not intended to be a substitute for email.   If you have a personal message or want to buy an item or want a ride, etc. from a
particular member,  please email them directly.

Members may not post any event or invitation that conflicts with scheduled club events.

Activities reports are too long for Facebook and will continue to be distributed by e-mail and posted to the club web site.

If you are not comfortable using Facebook and want to report on snow conditions and intentions to ski and meet at designated areas, call
the ski coordinator and the coordinator will post it for you.

Items relating to charities or personal activities should not be posted on Facebook unless they are related to 49er activities.  If you are
unclear about what might be posted, call or email our President or Judy Agid for further assistance.

* Inappropriate items will be deleted by the administrator(s.)
Facebook for
Members only
For guidelines
see the bottom
of this page.
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