History:  How the 49er Ski Club began

Susy Coze was losing  her ski partners. Her husband John had broken his leg in six places in a ski accident in 1969, their kids were at that age, off to college,
other things to do. Susy had scouted out other clubs. She had gone to an "Over the Hill Gang" meeting in the Bay Area to find out what they were all about.
Their Denver headquarters sent her a letter with a list of potential members and asked her to organize a chapter in Sacramento. With that, Susy called the list
provided and scheduled a meeting. About 15 to 20 people attended and it immediately became apparent that this was not going to work  too well as most
everyone objected to the $75 annual fee required by the Colorado based club.

It was October 1984. Susy wanted to ski that winter so she tried once again. This time she placed an ad in the Sacramento Bee asking for serious skiers, 49
and older, who were interested in forming a group devoted to skiing to call her. That was the beginning of what is now the 49er SKI CLUB

John Caputo was the first caller. She and John worked long hours, put in more ads, had meetings at Susy's home, then at John Coze's business, and at Susy's
Del Norte tennis club. With a smile of pride, Susy stated "in a few months, we had a wonderful group of delightful people who were not only skiing companions,
but had that special affinity and camaraderie that only people that love the mountains have."

Susy was President, Vice President, Editor, Activities Coordinator, and more. John was Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and more. The "Ski
Gees", as the Club was known in those days, enjoyed Winter and Summer activities as we do now, but was much more loosely organized. It continued that
way, slowly growing, until in July of 1986 it was decided by a majority that more organization was needed. By-Laws were established, officers elected, and
minutes maintained. An election was held and the current structure of the Club was established.

Since then the Club has grown to its current membership of about 130 members. Now, not only do we establish a full schedule of ski days throughout the
winter  in the Tahoe area, but we also schedule several  weeklong ski trips each year to resorts throughout the Western states and Canada.

Although skiing is still the main interest of our Club, (and being a skier is still a requirement for joining our club) our activities have expanded.  Now, each year,
our schedule is full of bike rides, camping trips, kayaking, hiking, social events, parties, and picnics, all planned and coordinated by the enthusiastic members
of our club.

A Typical Year of Activities

Weekly Tuesday & Thursday Tahoe Ski Days
Two 5-7 Day Out of State/Country Ski Trips
North Shore and South Shore Ski Trips (3 days each)
Mammoth Ski Trip (5 day)

Friday Biking
San Francisco to Tiburon Ride
Tahoe (North Shore) Ride

Social Activities
Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Loon Lake Campout (7 day)
Summer Anniversary Party
Monterey Getaway (5 day)
Oktoberfest Party
Christmas Party

49er Website
Day Hikes
Kayak Days
Summer Concerts in the Park
Play and Museum Trips
and 12 fun filled meetings!