Welcome to the 49er Ski Club of Sacramento

The 49er Ski Club has been organized for people who have reached their 49th birthday and
still feel young.

We were founded in 1984 to promote a congenial atmosphere for group skiing.  To join, you
must be at least 49 and an active skier.  Your spouse or significant other at the same address
can also become a member.

We are not involved in any Race Programs.  Our goal is to improve our skiing skills, have fun
and enjoy the company of fellow members.

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History and Activities throughout the year.  For a quick overview of current
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Elected Officers: 2019-2020

President:  Mike Mulkerin
Vice President & Membership Chair:  Dave Abbott
Secretary:  Arlene Jamar
Treasurer:  John Warlaumont


General Activities Coordinator:  Roxanne Mulkerin
Ski Activities Coordinator:  Carl Aamont
Social Activities Coordinator:  Sharon Wilkes
Communications Coordinator:  Andrea Woelfle  
Web Site Coordinator:  Don Cunningham
Sunshine Coordinator:  Bev Udlock
49er Ski Club